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Final Review 4 - Chinese Exclusion Act 1882 Anticipated...

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Chinese Exclusion Act 1882 Anticipated flow of Chinese laborers China was a weak nation Industrialization in US created a division between the wealthy and the poor The farming industry transforming from small scale farming into large agribusinesses Blamed the Chinese Impacts: Kept Chinese population low Increased anti-Asian prejudice Helped the Chinese laborers already in America and they could demand higher wages? Merchants who lost their jobs and become laborers instead may be deported Page Act 1875 Too many Chinese prostitutes which implied moral decay Impact Long ordeal of going through the immigration process for Chinese women that discouraged women from coming into the US Paved the way for Chinese Exclusion Act Bachelor society of the Chinese in America Gentleman’s Agreement 1908 San Francisco Schoolboard wanted segregate Japanese and white-American students Japan emerged victorious in Russo-Japanese War—Japan seen as a strong nation Agreement with the Japanese government to stop issuing visas to Japanese laborers Still allowed for picture-brides Impact The practice of picture-bride is seen as an “un-assimilative” proof of the Japanese Americans Generated anti-japanese sentiments along the west coast of US Immigration Act of 1924 Aimed to exclude Japanese because all the other Asian groups are already barred Created a quota Barred aliens ineligible of citizenship to enter Impact Japanese lost hope Tydings-McDuffy Act1934 Drafted the guideline for the commonwealth of the Phillipines Provided to grant the Phillipines freedom in 10 years
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Considered a social threat No Filipino community Agriculture labors so they moved up and down the state
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Final Review 4 - Chinese Exclusion Act 1882 Anticipated...

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