Hist of korea paper 1 outline

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Korean Identity and character Relationship from outside world Forms of political rule Social order and Hierarchy Women and family Religion Economy and daily life "a summery and analysis, including connection to class themes, of one of the primary source readings in the first five weeks of the course " Thesis: spiritualism was an important to early silla as a means of vindicating the silla leadership. Proofs Kim Yusin is visited by spirits which tell him the right thing to do 1. Kim Yusin is predestined to overtake koguro 2. Kim yusin is "gifted from birth"- he has a moon on his back or soemthing 3. Exploits quote 17 4. Queen sundok is not only a leader of state but also a spiritual head-- "HK refrences the three profocies14 " 5. How it relates to the larger story Both buddhisim and shawmanism influencing culture (hk 15)-religion daily life 1. Time of great changes as korea became united and vast lands came under the rule of silla-politics 2. Outline
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