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history 2nd paper - Rowland 1 Weston C Rowland Hwang...

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Rowland 1 Weston C Rowland Hwang History 105g 10/07/2010 Analysis of the Great Invasions Chapter nine of professor Hwang’s A History of Korea explores the first pan Asian war. Though many themes are present, the themes of relationship to the outside world, forms of political rule and social order and hierarchy are the most prevalent. On the whole, chapter nine, the “Great Invasion”, presents the story of the first pan Asian war explored through the interactions of people and nations. Professor Hwang’s approach of focusing on the peoples and events which constitute the Imjin conflict produces a close and personal sense of Korean history although at times the lack of economic and technological information makes it a challenge to ground these events and people to the world around them. The theme of Korea’s “relationship to the outside world” is perhaps the most pervasive of the seven themes within the chapter. However the two texts ( Atlas of Korean History and A History of Korea ) offer very different perspectives from the beginning. In A History of Korea, Korea is depicted as a nation between two giants. Korea is a pawn in Japan’s larger “bid to conquer Ming dynasty China itself”(Hwang 80). However, in the Atlas of Korean History the account of the Imjin war begins with
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history 2nd paper - Rowland 1 Weston C Rowland Hwang...

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