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history 3rd paper - Rowland 1 Weston C Rowland Hwang...

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Rowland 1 Weston C Rowland Hwang History 105g 11/11/2010 Comfort and Conflict Kim T’aeson’s story is heart wrenching on its own, but it becomes especially painful when one considers the endeavors of her country as a whole. Kim T’aeson is however the child of the times to which she was born and her story is Korea’s story. She is the product the conflict of war, colonialism and rapid modernization that would create Koreas future trajectory. Through the eyes of Kim T’aeson we can see the evidence of a Korea who is in a great period of change both internally and externally. Kim was born 1926 in the country side in southern Cholla province, at the time of her birth major industrialization in the urban area’s had allowed for greater autonomy of women. With the Japanese occupation had come Korea’s modernization and as professor Hwang points out “the most dramatic impact of the urbanization, industrialization and increased availibility of the 1920's might have been experienced by women" (Hwang 166). Factory work had become the norm. With Japanese help the Korean’s economy transformed from " overwhelmingly agrarian," to industrial with " industry accounting
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history 3rd paper - Rowland 1 Weston C Rowland Hwang...

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