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prospectus for poly sci 160

prospectus for poly sci 160 - What is at issue the basic...

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What is at issue: the basic issue of Bush v. Gore is who rules. Bush v. Gore is a case in whicn the Supreme Court ruled on an issue which had national and certainly global implications, by rulling in on Florida’s election the supreme court essentially decided the trajectory of American polotics for the next four year (we could even say eight). How did this happen: First the Florida AG said that no votes would be carried past the deadline. Then gore contested this and the Florida Supreme Court overruled this decision and extended that decision. Finally the supreme court somehow intervened in the matter and stayed the Florida supreme court ruling. Decided that the recount method was invalid and that florida must stop all counting by intial deadline—this essentially decided the future president How does this relate to the dcv- ccv dichotomy? : Bush v. Gore is a case in which the court was given the perfect storm of judicial policy making. If we were to put it in terms of the spatial model we would
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