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Financial Management - Leah Celani Financial Management...

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Leah Celani Financial Management Test 1 Finance Professions : -Corporate finance -Investments -Financial Advisers, Portfolio Managers, Securities Analyst -Financial institutions -Commercial Loan Officer, Insurance Company Analyst -International finance -Exchange Rates, Geo-Politics, Customs, Languages Reasons to study finance : -Marketing -Proposed product profitability -Accounting -Finance professionals make extensive use of accounting information -Management -profitability lies beneath all decision making -Personal finance -budgeting, retirement planning, calculating loan, car or house payments 3 major questions of business finance: -What long-term investments should the firm take on? Capital Budgeting -Where will we get the long-term financing to pay for the investment? more owners or Borrow -How will we manage the everyday financial activities of the firm? balancing cash flow by managing working capital Treasurer – oversees cash management, credit management, capital expenditures, and financial planning Controller - oversees taxes, cost accounting, financial accounting, and data processing. 3 major forms of business organizations: Sole proprietorship Advantages : easiest to start, least regulated, single owner keeps all profits, taxed once as personal income Disadvantages : limited to life of the owner, equity capital limited to owner’s personal wealth, unlimited liability, difficult to sell ownership interest Partnership Advantages: two or more owners, more capital available, relatively easy to start, income taxed once as personal income Disadvantages : unlimited liability – general partnership/limited partnership, partnership dissolves when one partner dies or wishes to sell, difficult to transfer, disagreements Corporation Advantages : limited liability, unlimited life, separation of ownership and management, transfer of ownership is easy, easier to raise capital, S- Corp combines advantages of sole proprietorship and corporation Disadvantages : separation of ownership and management (agency problem), double taxation (income taxed at the corporate rate and then dividends taxed at personal rate), an LLC has even more advantages International corporate forms: -Joint stock companies -Public limited companies -Limited liability companies -All share: -Public ownership -Limited liability Goals of Financial Management: -Maximize profit -Minimize costs -Maximize market share -Maximize the current value of the company’s stock -Maximize the current value per share of the company’s existing stock Ways to maximize owners wealth : Outsourcing Off-shoring Enron Corporate support of charities Sarbanes-Oxley Act(Sarbox) - to guard against Corporate Accounting Fraud and Financial
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Financial Management - Leah Celani Financial Management...

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