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Lindsay Flavion November 18, 2010 Intro to Islam Dr. Stinson Chapter 16 Summary Whither Islam and the Muslims? Progressive Muslim with a Vision of an “Islam without Boarders” Chapter 16 in Denny’s An Introduction to Islam is the final chapter of the book and the last section of Islam in the Modern World. This chapter aims to address the crisis of Islam in the modern era, that is the struggle between traditional Muslim culture and religion and the intrusion of new ideas and tendencies that is shifting intellectual and material outlook on social, political, economic, and religious matters. Although most Muslims today are very much in favor of modernization, especially in the scientific and technological fields, many are still making efforts to resist modern perspectives of secularism, universal human rights that are not based on religion, and equality of the sexes. The rest of the chapter gives detailed examples of one going struggles between traditional Islam and Westernization. Westoxication is an example of beliefs that are fueling those who are opposed to modern
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