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The Numerati are transforming everything

The Numerati are transforming everything - the numerati are...

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the numerati are transforming... shopping By analyzing the data they gather about us, retailers are learning how to lavish big spend- ers with special attention and nudge cheapskates toward the door... Intel is measuring the time it takes a person to recognize a familiar voice on the phone; if the lapse lengthens, it could point to the onset of Alzheimer’s. And by studying old sit- coms, researchers can see that Michael J. Fox was shortening his stride a decade before his diagnosis of Parkinson’s. Now they’re hooking up monitors and even “magic carpets” to pick up the same telltale signs in thousands of homes. sex By creating algorithmic profiles of us and lining up mathematical correlations with po - tential mates, dating sites like Chemistry.com are giving neighborhood matchmakers a run for their money. Their next step is to scrutinize our behavior, movements and social networks—mapping out the DNA of our mating rituals.
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