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assign9 - ECOR 2606 Assignment#9 Submit a single Matlab...

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ECOR 2606 Assignment #9 Submit a single Matlab file (assign9.m) that does everything called for in the three questions. 1/. Generate a set of 8 data points by evaluating the following function at 8 evenly spaced points between t = 0 and t = 2 π . t t f 2 sin ) ( Use these data points to generate (a) a cubic spline with "not a knot" end conditions, (b) a cubic spline with the ends clamped to the actual values of the derivative of the function, and (c) a piecewise cubic hermite spline. Produce one plot (figure 1) showing the actual function and the three splines and another (figure 2) showing the differences between the actual function and the three splines (i.e. the errors in the splines). 2/. (from An Engineer's Guide to MATLAB ) In order to determine the load distribution in axial thrust bearings under an eccentric load, the following integral must be evaluated: 0 bearings) (roller 1.1 or bearings) (ball 1.5 1 or 0 ) 2 1 ( cos where ) cos( 2 / ) cos( 1 1 2 1 ) ( 1 c m a
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