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-motor protein provide for molecule motion in cell by interactin with what type of  cellular structure -cytoskeleton Which of the following is not an organelle-ribosome Which of the following polysaccharides is the most water soluble Glycogen-starch-cellulose Which of the following statement is true -H  “ *   «  0 -there are 20 different aminos what makes one amino acid different -side chain! When biologist want to internal _TEM A cell has cell membrane nucles, other membrane bonde organelles this is not an  bacteria. What make plasma membrane different -nuclear envelope -prypheral protein can not pass membrane Voltage        membrane Chapter8 Which of the following type of reaction would decreas the enthropy with in a cell A: dehydration reaction. When glucose monomers joined together by glycosidic linkages to from—polymer the change in from e and enthropy B:delta g delath h –s A cell does three mainkind of work
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power point question -...

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