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Good morning - know I know you need and want the...

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Good morning Is your persuasive speech or informative speech necessary to your career success? Are you still looking for the new topics for speech? Does your power point need new life? Do you want to be masterful in the use of words? Do you want to your presentation and presence to motivate, inform or persuade?? Thank you ,, thank you thank you so much. as you know, my name is Sooro Kim. I am delighted to talk with you about the subject that is near and dear to all of us. Now days, we are convinced that how it is important to express his/her opinion effectively. Within 4 years or even 2 years, most of you will use your ability you will develop in public speaking class. Of course, I know I am not qualified to give advice about speech. I am just a person who got good grade on public speaking class. I just know or have less or better skills to do effective speech than you. The only thing I can talk about is how we do get good grade on public speaking class or some trifle information you may already
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Unformatted text preview: know. I know you need and want the extraordinary experience. So, now I invited a person who can give you best advice. For his life, He has the power of holding his audience through his speech. Not only that , he improves his unfair and unreasonable situation through his speech. His speech some what can seem not prepared since whenever ,wherever he do speech in front any other people. But, you should know his exceptional speech is always well prepared by himself . He was never done speech with out practice. He always guess and imagine what he will be and do and in and on. Now, you will be really curios that who I am talking about. SO, Come on everyone. Let's give him a round of applause . The representative of most effective speaker, most charismatic leader since human being appeared on the earth. He always says “ As the sailor avoids the rock, so should you (the historian) avoid the word that is obsolete or rare . His name is Julius Caesar, The emperor of Roman empire....
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