abstract - abstract ambiguous arbitrary beliefs chronemics...

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abstract Symbols are abstract because they are inferences and generalizations derived from a total reality. ambiguous Symbols are ambiguous because their meanings vary from person to person and context to context. arbitrary Symbols are arbitrary because there is no particular reason for any one symbol to stand for a certain referent. beliefs An assumption about what is true, accurate, or factual. A belief may be false even though it is accepted as true. chronemics A type of nonverbal communication concerned with time Communication A systemic process in which people interact with and through symbols to create and interpret meanings. communication rules Shared understandings of what communication means and what behaviors are appropriate in various situations. constitutive rules Communication rules that define what communication means by specifying how certain communicative acts are to be counted. constructivism The theory that we organize and interpret experience by applying cognitive structures, called schemata. content level of meaning One of two levels of meaning in communication. The content level of meaning is the literal, or denotative, information in a message. critical thinking Examining ideas reflectively and carefully in order to decide what you should believe , think, or do. cultural calamity Adversity that brings about change in a culture; one of four ways cultures change. cultural relativism The idea that cultures vary in how they think, act, and behave believe and value; not moral relativism. diffusion The incorporation or integration of characteristics of one culture into another as a result of contact between the two. Diffusion is one of four ways cultures change. dual perspective The ability to understand another person''s perspective, beliefs, thoughts, or feelings. empathy
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abstract - abstract ambiguous arbitrary beliefs chronemics...

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