Chapter 2 summary - you pay attention to....

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Chapter 2 summary Perception-our perception differed because we have different experiences and rules. Active process Selecting organizing Interpreting everything The happens in the world Selection – paying attention to something 1 st - things that are intense,close,important 2 nd -things that change take out attention.-human nature pay attention to the things that changed 3 rd -internal feeling self indication- forcing yourself to pay attention. Thing that take your attention Internal feelings Sick, tired, hungry Self-fulfilling prophecy-you often act in the way people expect you to act-influence what
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Unformatted text preview: you pay attention to. Organization-helps us make sense of everything Types of construction- we organize everything with mental categories called schemata Prototypes- what is the best for me Personal construction: making judgements based on positive and negative side (adjective) Stereo types:general ideas about group of people can be true or false: positive or negative. Scripts: rules for your actions in a specific situation....
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Chapter 2 summary - you pay attention to....

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