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Classification essay revised - Classification essay...

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Classification essay 0924/2009 Kim Sooro (Anthony) ENSL 0090 Three types of people in my class. Before I came here, I was a student of Mercer University. At the school, I was able to meet several types of students from different countries. Accordingly, when I judged people, I focused on how well they could speak English because students came to the USA to learn English. For example, if someone is good at English in the class, students just think he or she studies really hard or is talented to speak a foreign language. However, even though student’s English proficiency is little different, all of the students in Mercer University were familiar with each other regardless of skin color because all students were from foreign countries and had not lived in the USA more than 1~2years. In other words, all students in Mercer University are in the same environment. On the contrary, after I came here, GPC, I came up with students’ characteristics which were totally different from where they live, how long students have lived in the USA, in which social group they participate in and where they are from because I easily
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Classification essay revised - Classification essay...

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