compare and contrast essay #3-revised

compare and contrast essay #3-revised - 10/14/2009...

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10/14/2009 Comparison and contrast essay Kimsooro (Anthony) ESL 90(Dan meadows) Romance of the Three Kingdoms In a historical novel "Romance of the three kingdoms", there are two people who ruled the whole China in ancient times. In Asian culture, if someone asks who has been the great politician since ancient times, 90%of people mention two people. Their names are JoJo and Yubi. They had dominated almost of the china for more than 20 years and fought each other to get opponent’s territory. At that time, all sectors of the industry was the most prosperous in Chinese history. Even though all results are caused by their hands, it is not exaggeration. Two politicians existed of the same age have some similarities and differences in several fields such as a social position, the way to dominate their nation, their their co-worker and subordinates and characteristic. First similarities are both of them are in a low social position. Until becoming a lord of their own country, they have to overcome a lot of hardships. At that time, there was serious hierarchy system in China, so non-noble or low-class aristocrats ever become a member of ruling classes. However, they become a king. The fact is little case in world history. On the contrary, whereas it is certain that two people have to overcome their social positions, historians say that it might be easier for Jojo to became a king than Yubi did. That is
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because Jojo is rich, but Yubi is poor. In fact, It took more time for Yubi to become a king thang
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compare and contrast essay #3-revised - 10/14/2009...

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