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Homework assignment 2 - useful for taking tests it is not...

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Homework assignment 2 Ensl90 MW 1:00-3:45 Sooro Kim The mother tongue Amy Tan is the writer of this essay “Mother Tongue” and a daughter of a Chinese immigrant. In this essay, Tan describes the problems of communication between her mother and the American society and explains why the immigrants have difficulty speaking English as fluently as native speakers do by writing her experiences. In this essay, I find that I have the same problems as Tan’s mother has. It can happen many times to immigrants and international students. For these reasons, I really feel sympathy for Tan’s mother. Most of all, reading English is much different from speaking English. In my country, students learn English to just answer the tests well not to speak English. Even though the skill is
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Unformatted text preview: useful for taking tests, it is not good for speaking. Not only that, this learning system disrupts learning English in the USA. That is because mostly we do not “use” English, but analyze English. Second, speaking English as fluently as Americans do is impossible for people who are older than 20~25 years. That is because in our mind the first language is already instilled deeply. I am sure that the older a student is, the harder it is to learn English. Tan's essay “Mother Tongue” is mainly about the writer's own thoughts and judgment about how "broken English" compares to normal English. Moreover, through the experience she writes in the essay, she realizes that speaking a language is one of the keys to take part in a certain community....
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