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homework words classification. - Blue house: one is just...

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Word that add or change meanings. Cute originally meant-Bowlegged Girl - used to mean young person Queer + was an odd person or event now a sexual deviant Pathetic. Used to have a closer relation to the latin "Pathos" meaning sympathetic or emotive. Now its more negative A new words or new concepts WEB NET Pc boot log keyboard words that can be confusing. Magic stick: the staff for magician or penis Cream pie: a bread or sexual meaning
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Unformatted text preview: Blue house: one is just blue color house. Another one is where Korean president work . Borrowed word : A Sino-Tibetan language spoken in Eastern China : ketchup , tea ... An Afro-Asiatic language spoken on the Arabian Peninsula , in much of the Middle East and in North Africa : alcohol , calibre , monsoon , zero .. An extinct Indo-European language spoken in ancient Perisa : bronze , magic , paradise ......
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