narrative essay#1 - Sooro kim 09/09/2009 ESL 90 Narrative...

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Sooro kim 09/09/2009 ESL 90 Narrative Essay #1 Topic: The second language in my life When I was in Korea, I was an opening student of Optics Department at KOREA UNIVERSTIY. After finishing up a military service, I was recommended by my professor to visit great Vision Expo in America before going back to school. While I was visiting and reporting about Expo to the professor, I heard the shocking news that all of my classmates have not been accepted in to a foreign-affiliated company which we had hoped to work at. The major reason of no acceptance was a lack of English skill. This news from the professor fueled my desired to learn English. At the right moment, I heard about changing visa status during travelling. I noticed that if I could study in America, I could learn more English and save so much time to reach the level that I need. That meant I would be able to finish learning English within the maximum temporary absence from school. After that, I could change my visa status successfully, applied for Mercer University and attend the school as an international student. Unlike my expected, to learn English is sequence of hardship. That is because I could not take a
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narrative essay#1 - Sooro kim 09/09/2009 ESL 90 Narrative...

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