outline for argumentative essay

outline for argumentative essay - though transfer system...

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Problems of transfer system in community college Most of students come to the community college to transfer better university. In the U.S, there are several benefits by using transfer system in community college. When I came to the U.S.A first, I thought that transfer system was just role of the bridge which can connect with other universities. However, as I attend the community college more and more, I feel transfer system has advantages of excess. Due to the fact, transfer system has some problems in several fields. My informant name is Stephan choi. He is a student of G.P.C and plan to transfer to the U.G.A. he has been living in Georgia for 20years. Thus, He is more interested in transfer system than other students. He told about several benefits of transfer system. He said,” I think transfer system is really good for me, If there was no transfer system in the U.S.A, I would never able to desire to go the elite university.” Also he said,” but, even
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Unformatted text preview: though transfer system seems perfect, It has a lot of problems.” Problems of transfer system in community college I. Too easy to transfer to the other colleges A. Considering to 4 years universities, community college has more benefit. Hence, it is unfair. 1. Students have not got a lot of information about transfer II. Too hard to follow to the regular course of university someone already transferred. (1) If one transfer to the regular university, he or she dealt with several hardship such as being difficult to get good grade or not having fundamental skill common universities provide with students III. IV. Not being been unified with every universities in the U.S.A 1. For example, the case of students who failed to transfer to a university he had really desired to hoped to study at. 2. Every community colleges have different policies. Due to the case, many students are suffer from being hard to transfer because subjects names are different...
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outline for argumentative essay - though transfer system...

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