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Sooro Kim(anthony) 08/31/2009 ENSL 90 Topic: Being happy with job is more important than having a high salary. After graduating from school, people spend the bulk of their time at their jobs. Regardless of their salaries, if they dread going to work, then they will have difficulty enjoying the rest of their lives. In this sense, finding satisfying positions is more important than finding lucrative positions. This is due to the fact that money alone cannot make people happy and if they enjoy their jobs, they are more likely to succeed. Making a lot of money will not be sufficient if a person is unhappy. While money is necessary in order to survive, people who choose high salaries foten find themselves stuck in positions that they aren’t satisfied with. The problems they have with their careers then taint other aspects of their lives , making them unhappy. To illustrate, my borother always hoped to be a writer, but took an administrator position in a high tech company because it paid him a higher salary. However, whenever he came home from work, he seemed so stressed out that he did not talk
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