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HeartRateWorksheet - Heart Rate Worksheet Calculating...

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Heart Rate Worksheet Calculating Resting Heart Rate Resting heart rate measurements provide some basic cardiovascular health status and program progress information. Resting heart rate is used to measure improvements in cardiovascular fitness. It usually decreases as cardiovascular fitness improves. A normal resting heart rate may vary from as low as 40 beats per minute (bpm) to as high as 100 (bpm). Women average approximately 75 bpm and men average approximately 60 bpm. The pulse indicates the heart beat and may be counted in beats per minute. The most common sites for taking the pulse are the radial artery (at the base of the thumb on the wrist) and the carotid artery (in the groove on the side of the neck). The resting pulse should be counted for 60 seconds first thing in the morning before any activity. Day 1 _______BPM Day 2 ______BPM Day 3 _____BPM Target Heart Rate Heart rate is proportional to the intensity of exercise. Measuring heart rate allows the exerciser to determine if they are working too hard or not hard enough. STEP 1:
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