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Example 9-3 - Equation 9-11 to obtain an approximate value...

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Example 9-3 Estimating the Moment of Inertia Estimate the moment of inertia of a thin uniform rod of length  and mass  about an axis  perpendicular to the rod and through one end. Execute this estimation by modeling the rod as  three point masses, each point mass representing one-third of the rod. PICTURE  Divide the rod into three identical segments, each of mass and length, and  approximate each segment as a point mass located at its center of mass. Apply  (
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Unformatted text preview: Equation 9-11 ) to obtain an approximate value for I . SOLVE 1. Sketch the rod divided into three segments and superpose the point-particle constructs at the center of each segment ( Figure 9-5 ): 2. Apply the equation to the approximate system (the point-particle constructs): Answer: 3. The mass of each particle is and the distances of the particles from the axis are and: Answer:...
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