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Example 9-12 - SOLVE 1 Because m 1 accelerates downward the...

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Two Blocks and a Pulley I  Conceptual The system shown in  Figure       9-28      is released from rest. The mass of the pulley wheel is not  negligible, but the friction in the bearing is negligible. The string does not slip on the pulley wheel.  Given that  m 1  >  m 2  what can be determined about the tensions  T 1  and  T 2 ? PICTURE  Following release  m 1  will accelerate downward,  m   2  will accelerate upward, and the  pulley wheel will angularly accelerate counterclockwise. Apply Newton’s second law to each mass  and apply Newton’s second law for rotations to the pulley wheel.
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Unformatted text preview: SOLVE 1. Because m 1 accelerates downward, the net force on it must be downward: Answer: 2. Because m 2 accelerates upward, the net force on it must be upward: Answer: 3. Because the angular acceleration of the pulley wheel is counterclockwise, the net torque on it must be counterclockwise. Because the two moment arms are equal, larger torque means larger tension: Answer: 4.Combining the three results gives: Answer:...
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