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Example 8-17

Example 8-17 - to the original frame...

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Example 8-17 The Elastic Collision of Two Blocks Find the final velocities for the elastic head-on collision in (in which a 4.0-kg block moving right at  6.0 m/s collides elastically with a 2.0-kg block moving right at 3.0 m/s) by transforming their  velocities to the center-of-mass reference frame. PICTURE  We transform to the center-of-mass reference frame by first finding and subtracting it  from each velocity. We then solve the collision by reversing the velocities and transforming back 
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Unformatted text preview: to the original frame. SOLVE 1. Calculate the velocity of the center of mass: Answer: 2. Transform the initial velocities to the center-of-mass reference frame by subtracting from the initial velocities: Answer: 3. Solve the collision in the center-of-mass reference frame by reversing the velocity of each object: Answer: 4. To find the final velocities in the original frame, add to each final velocity. Answer:...
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