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Principles of Management BUSINESS 96A Winter 11 (Online Class) David Stringer Phone: 408-864-8539 Office: F51-h Office Hours: T/R 12-12:20 & 2:50-3:30; M/W by Appt. Only Email: [email protected] Course Description Students will learn the general principles of management: planning, organizing, staffing, motivation controlling, decision-making, communications and leadership. They will also examine the roles, functions and responsibilities of management; the external environments and their impact on management. Course Materials Text: Management by Gomez-Mejia, 3rd ed. Grading Points Grade Distribution Quiz 25 A=90% Term Paper 40 B=80% 3 Midterms 180 C=70% Final 100 D=65% Total 345 F=Below 65% How To Setup Your PageOut account so that you can take exams: Go to David Stringer’s home page through the De Anza College Web Site, www.deanza.fhda.edu . 1. Click on Distance Learning Classes in the upper left-hand portion of the screen. 2. You will be directed to the PageOut website. It is highly advised that you now BOOKMARK the PageOut site. This will allow you to connect directly to the PageOut site from your computer. PageOut is the program that delivers the course to you. If you fail to do this, you will be required to go through the De Anza College server before going to the PageOut server. The fewer servers involved, the fewer the problems. Click on the Management Course, and you will be directed to a web site where you can register yourself in the course. 3. Go to create New Account. You will be asked for a username and student ID. Create your own username and ID. (Do Not Use Your SSN). Do not create an external ID. 4. Next login. 5. Click on course content and you will see the assignments and exams. 6. Please set up a separate PageOut account for each online course you are taking. 7. You must setup your PageOut account within the first week of school. BUS 96A (OL) 1
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ASSIGNMENTS Dates Exams Chapters on Exam Jan 3-13 Quiz 1 1-3 Jan 30-31 MIDTERM 1 1 – 6 Feb 18 Extra Credit Assignment Due Feb 27-28 MIDTERM 2 7-12 Mar 6 Term Paper Due March 10 Wall Street Journal XC Due Mar 13-14 MIDTERM 3 13-18 Mar 20-22 Final Comprehensive The left hand column shows the dates the exams are open and the due dates. The right hand column shows the chapters to read for each exam. A practice quiz has been made available so that you can become familiar with the on- line quizzes. The practice quiz will not be used to determine your course grade. Please note the computer DOES NOT change a student’s answers. Do your own controlled study using the practice test, and you will find that the computer does not change your
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BUS96AGrnShtWnt11OL - Principles of Management BUSINESS 96A...

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