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Victoria Briggs What would the world be like without various media outlets? How would people find out what’s going on in the world? Media outlets are very important because the people have the right to know what is going on around the world. Without media outlets everyone would find out things through “word of mouth”. Mass Communications is a great major because you get to learn more about how to produce a TV/Radio show, public relations etc. During my junior year of high school all students were required to complete an internship. We were all advised to choose an organization that had to do with our field of study. I chose to work at a local television station, DCTV. While working at DCTV I gained experience in audio/sound, lighting, cameras. And also other various equipment. I came to appreciate media even more. I delivered a notice to the mayor which he signed. It stated that every year on June 9
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Unformatted text preview: th in Washington, DC will be known as “Community Media Day”. I then did a presentation on Community Media for my teacher explaining everything I learned. Community Media is when people can come in and shoot any non commercialized show based on a particular topic. It gives people the chance to express themselves about problems/issues concerning them. That are not being addressed on elite television stations. My future goal Is to become a director of TV/Radio station. Maybe even my own station. Put more programs in school for kids/teens pertaining to media so they will learn the importance of it. Media puts a smile on my face. I enjoy talking about other subjects but once the topic of Mass Communications comes up I love explaining how it makes me feel. Also what I’ve learned, love sharing my experiences with other people....
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