week 3 checkpoint - communication and one on one...

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Some of the technical advancement tools that were discussed in the article were record keeping, blogging, e-mail, voicemail, instant messaging chats, and telephone communication. Most of these are used in the business world today some for faster communication and some for the more traditional communication. Two types of business communication tools would be instant messaging and telephone communication. In using instant messaging the communication is quicker, convenient when you don’t want to have a long conversation with someone, helpful when communicating with more than one or two people and chat rooms are an option (Instant Messaging vs. Telephone 2009). Some things that could become confusing with instant messaging would be the use of unclear jargon. When using telephone communication you may have long conversations, awkward good byes’, missed calls, dropped calls, and limited amount of people to talk to at once. Something positive about telephone calls is voice
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Unformatted text preview: communication, and one on one communication. The most traditional of the two communication types would be telephone communication. Telephone communication has been used for years in business and is continued in use today. Telephone communication is traditional because it has been around for a long time. Businesses use telephone conferences for meetings and scheduling travel. When I am conducting business I mostly use telephone conversation unless there are documents to be sent then I use e-mail. I like instant messaging when chatting online but I have never used it when communicating in a business sense. Instant messaging would be nice to while speaking to multiple people so I wouldn’t have to make a dozen phone calls. When instant messaging I could multi task communication with people and get more tasks done quicker if possible Reference: Instant Messaging. (2009). Instant Messaging vs. Telephone. Retrieved September 9 th , 2010 from owninstantmessenger.com...
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week 3 checkpoint - communication and one on one...

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