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I am for privacy laws and policies to monitor company equipment in the workplace. Company equipment has a right to b monitored. Internet restrictions are good because employees could be using web pages like Face book or MySpace to slander the company or employees. Restrictions are a good way to protect equipment, employees and company assets. You wouldn’t want your business computers gaining viruses from an employee looking at x-rated sites for example. I don’t think the company should be allowed to search personal items such as clothing, cell phones, or your person. Workplace privacy laws are ethical. A business has a right to protect its employees and its assets within reason. Some businesses have telephone conversations monitored and by law they have to state to the people talking that they are being recorded. Video tape monitoring is another way of restricting employees. There are some state laws (such as Connecticut’s Gen Stat 31-48b ) that have restrictions on where, how and why an employer may videotape employees (Privacy Rights Clearing House 2010).
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Unformatted text preview: Businesses cant tape people in the bathroom because it is a violation of privacy. Another communication that is monitored is e-mail, In a June 2010 decision, City of Ontario v. Quon , the Supreme Court unanimously upheld the search of a police officer's personal messages on a government-owned pager, saying it did not violate his constitutional rights (PRCH2010). These peoples transcripts were looked at because he was exchanging sexually explicit messages that obviously were not appropriate for work (PRCH 2010). Monitoring is done to protect the company and certain polices are a businesss right to regulate the amount of inappropriate acts or communications are going on. These policies are set for company safety. Reference: Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. (2010). Fact Sheet 7: Workplace Privacy and Employee Monitoring. Retrieved October 14 th , 2010 from; http://www.privacyrights.org/fs/fs7-work.htm...
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