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XCOM Check point 1 week 1 Some of the resources used in business today are face-to-face or phone conversations, Informal meetings, presentations, e-mail messages, letters, memos, reports, blogs, text messaging, and Web sites ( Locker & Kienzler 2008). Communication is used to teach, motivate, and build positive business relationships’ ( Yes I do think most of these forms of communication are effective. They are effective if the company has employees that are well experienced and educated in business communication. Some of the most popular workplace devices that improve productivity are wikis, social- networking tools, portable media players, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and telepresences ( Locker & Kienzler 2008). Wikis is effectively used because it has a wide variety of users to view information on it and helps with collaborating on projects
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Unformatted text preview: ( Locker & Kienzler 2008). MySpace and Face book are other forms of new business technology where people can blog and chat online about work and they can market. MP3 players and IPods can also be effective in recordings of business meetings and new product information, or general announcements ( Locker & Kienzler 2008). Telepresence is something that I find interesting because it is a way to talk face to face without leaving where you are at. This could able employees to have stay at home jobs without having to be self employed but there is a down side to them they are costly. Another way that they are effective is businesses can have meetings scheduled at any time and employees won’t have to worry about costly travel ( Locker & Kienzler 2008) . These are all effective examples because they keep employees connected and informed at all times....
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