14-1 no extra effort MGT 210week 7

14-1 no extra effort MGT 210week 7 - evaluate each nurse...

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Offer promotions Offer financial rewards Set goals to achieve Set consequences Post complaints by patients The nurses don’t seem to be motivated because they don’t have anything to build up to in their job. The nurses also don’t seem to have any consequences to avoid. Promotions don’t seem to be offered and goals to achieve are not set. The nurses are board because they aren’t really expected to do anything other than ordinary rounds with patients, they need other tasks and rewards to keep interest maybe even continued education classes with compensation could be offered. The nurses aren’t challenged enough at work. The manager needs to set goals. The manager should
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Unformatted text preview: evaluate each nurse and inform them of the lack of work and motivate them to think they will get fired if they don’t do certain extra tasks. The nurses need to think they need to protect their job by doing more tasks because there are consequences. The manager should set out a chart of the duties for each nurse and rotate the duties each week this may motivate them by setting specific goals for them to achieve. The manager could also go to upper management and discuss more responsibility for the nurses possibly promotions with a raise to help motive the nurses. Posting complaints that the patients have made may also be a motivational tool so the nurses attempt more....
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