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Capstone Checkpoint: In my opinion the most important thing a supervisor can do is making decisions, planning and organization. Making decisions about employees’ jobs, rewards, terminations, and helping in solving conflicts is challenging, you have to be direct strong and sure of yourself before you can make decisions that affect a company and peoples’ lives. Knowing what is to be expected of yourself and employees and keeping a professional tone is also challenging, there are strategies and organization skills you have to acquire. Organization is another key to successful supervising if you don’t have organization employees’ schedules and job assignments can become unclear and the work place can become negative and confusing. It is important to keep the work place challenging yet harmonious at the same
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Unformatted text preview: time and organization aids in this goal. Having a rewards system is very key to managing a group of people it sets motivation and a chance to have more job innovation and better productivity in the company. Solving conflicts is important for a manager if there is a union or the company is counting on you to prevent a union from coming in. decision making and conflict solving both come into play here. You have to go out on the work floor and ask employee’s what the deal is and what they would suggest to do to solve these things. Then tell them you’ll work on it but don’t promise anything unless you are sure you can make it happen. Having good decision making skills and organizational skills is important if you want to keep a professional edge and a harmonious work environment....
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