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Checkpoint 1 week 1: I do think Roy would be a good supervisor because he was elected president of the union. Since the employees have elected him more than once it shows he has leadership qualities. Since Roy also helped to establish the union, he also shows he has good organization skills and technical skills. A good supervisor should have many skills. The skills that a supervisor should have are ability and willingness to delegate, use proper use of authority, setting a good example, recognizing the change in role and desire for the job.
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Unformatted text preview: Supervisors have to have more than just people skills to supervise a group of people there has to be a system, a list of jobs, a schedule rotation of who does jobs, a way to deal with complaints and solutions for the complaints. People skills are a big part of supervision but you also have a system to clarify jobs, staff, working conditions, computers and organizational skills. The reaction the employees would see an understanding, caring face given Roys past involvement, I think they would respect him....
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