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Checkpoint 6-2 MGT 210 - risks and the calculations and...

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1. The plan should go over certain steps. She should evaluate previous plans, determine objectives of the department’s, determine goals, make tools to measure progress like a scoreboard, find the actions that will finish the objectives, assign jobs for different parts of the plan, calculate a budget, put a plan into action and follow the progress (Waddell 2009). 2. How I would go about preparing this plan if I were Kim to schedule work I would use the Gantt chart for scheduling jobs the Gantt chart will help with time and job organization. I would also make a chart to evaluate the budget, follow the development of the tasks, the
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Unformatted text preview: risks and the calculations and data of the project. 3. No, I don’t think Kim’s initial reaction to the planning process was unusual. I think Kim panicked because she didn’t know what departmental plans were and that they mostly cover one year they are developed by departmental managers which is what Kim is know and they are designed for specific departments. The departmental plans are a major project and a lot of pressure can be ensued on a newly promoted supervisor if they are not familiar with the process. Having such a responsibility such as developing a new departmental plan when you are new can be panicking....
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