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1. What do you think of Mach’s approach to solving his problem? His approach was to have a coworker ‘Ralph’ form a group of workers to solve a production problem, on a time limit to see who should be fired and who should stay as a result of labor cuts. I think in a way mach pushed his job obligations on Ralph, Mach didn’t even have guidelines ready to help Ralph out. Mach set up a group discussion on a time limit which may not be a good choice. The time limit could cause people to want to agree on a decision fast instead of on the best decision. 2. What I would have done in this situation. I would have followed as many of the eight steps as I could also I would work with Ralph to
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Unformatted text preview: see if there were workers that weren’t efficient or tardy to work often and see if w could cut them first to somewhat fix the production problem also I would not have set up a group discussion on a time limit. 3. What do I think Mach should do if he doesn’t agree with the group’s decisions? I think Mach should thank the employees for their time and maybe reevaluate their decision that will affect many people on his own then talk it over with Ralph and come up with something else possibly with Ralph based on facts about the employees. Mach should also take into consideration not to promise anything he can’t keep....
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