Leadership Questionaire MGT 210

Leadership Questionaire MGT 210 - Leadership Questionnaire...

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Leadership Questionnaire 1 Running head: LEADERSHIP QUESTIONAIRE Leadership Questionnaire Anna Thomas University of Phoenix
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Leadership Questionnaire On the questionnaire I scored a 68% on the leader category and a 32% on the super visor category. As a leader I motivate and guide others to achieve their goals by being fair. I like watching others carry out goals and succeeding with my encouragement. I keep a good relationship with my staff and maybe a little too soft on issues at times. I am a visionary not a disciplinary. The supervisory responsibility that I chose is improving productivity in teams. As a fair leader I make sure there was good group cohesiveness by making small groups. Making small groups would make it easier for the workers to meet with each other and communicate. This would make the thinking process more successful and less time consuming. Pressuring the group with a time frame would motivate them to work faster and it would push them closer together to work more equally. I would make the group feel like they have to get along and achieve so they accept group norms. I would put skilled workers together so they have common ground on subjects and ideas for goals that are set. This would encourage group conformity placing two groups against each other. This would be a good way to watch people grow, develop and compete against each other.
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Leadership Questionaire MGT 210 - Leadership Questionnaire...

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