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Axia College Material Appendix B Recruiting, Selecting, Orienting, and Training Review the recruiting options listed below the table. Determine which three options would be appropriate for a large company and which three options would be appropriate for a small company. Then, enter your choices into the recruiting column. Repeat this procedure for selecting, orienting, and training. Finally, answer the following question: Who performs each of these functions in a large and a small company? Explain your answers. Recruiting Selecting Orienting Training Large company Job postings within the company (such as email, bulletin boards, intranet) Job analysis are done by human resource department specialists 004). Co-Op programs and internship. Firms take in students for a quarter semester to test out a potential employee. Job bidding Résumés Done by human resources, supervisor makes final choice. Screening by state or private employment agency human resources views and sorts then sends to supervisor and they make the final decision. Job interview by
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mgt210_appendix_b[1]_Anna_Thomas - Axia College Material...

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