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week 8 check point 18-1 - After Jack has finished his...

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Incident 18-1 Changes in employees behavior. What should Mel do at this time? Jack seems to be a troubled employee because Mel witnesses Jack drinking alcohol on the job. Mel should confront Jack about his problem and suggest he see a councilor and enter some type of rehab (Rue 2004). In a supportive, non threatening way Mel should tell Jack what he witnessed Jack doing in the storage closet. Mel should take a directive counseling approach because he knows the problem and should suggest counseling. Mel should listen if Jack explains his problem so Jack feels Mel is concerned. They should come to an agreement about what actions need to be done. How should Mel handle the overall problem?
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Unformatted text preview: After Jack has finished his counseling Mel should watch Jacks job performance to see if he is still using on the job. Mel should then evaluate the situation after Jacks probation period is over. Mel should follow three steps according to Rue 2004: • Perform review • Referral to counseling • Discussion of consequences Mel should not criticize Jack and inform him he won’t lose his job if he accepts counseling and that the incident will be kept from the other employees (Rue 2004). Rue, L. W., & Byars, L. L. (2004). Supervision: Key link to productivity (8 th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin....
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