According to constitutional topic the U

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According to constitutional topic the U.S. has no official language even though English is dominantly used in the U.S. A bill has been presented to the House of Representatives to make English the official language (2010). The bilingual education act authorizes funds to educate American students in the language they know and in English (2010). Congress and certain groups such as the ACLU are arguing if making English the official language is constitutional or not (2010). In one opinion I don’t think that English should be the official language I think that there should be no official language, this country was based on religious freedom and individual freedom. Many immigrants have come to this country for this purpose; it wouldn’t make sense for a set language when there are so many different cultures and traditions the U.S. is made up of. In
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Unformatted text preview: another opinion people in the U.S. speak English and it would be unfair to the majority of English speaking Americans if everything was in another language. Some think that it is unfair to teach children in their native language that it affects the national unity of the United States (Campbell 2006). Bilingualism in education may also handicap children because by the time they reach adulthood they won’t be able to speak in an English speaking society. Bilingualism maybe becoming a thing of the past in the U.S., state by state the majority is voting against bilingualism. It is important for non-English speaking student to have the same privileges as English speaking children so they have to learn the English language to excel in our society....
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