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annaweek4quiz indian and Islamic - a...

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Unformatted text preview: : a httpsl/asapiplwenflgdulstudentlworkflawasprflstudentID=9039353328r5tudentFname=ANNAEi5iudenthame=THDMA56tworkflowIE a ”El- File Edit View Favorite; Tunis Help x a” v fiSeaitheh v Q HUMIZIJS , Week4 Quiz 1% mums i 1% E mpucmgbdpsmhahm a Engaged Sites - :n plated Answers Curr-ed Currfirnrati n it ‘ ill-ll » i, integiared Classroom Submifiiun Instructions Society was s ‘ Post a screenshat at this resuiis page In the Individual furum. To bake a screen shot, [arm the (Print Screen) or {Prt Bar} key in the upper-right hand oorner ot your keyboard, open your Mici'ascrft Ward document, then pree; <Ctrl> <v>. Asses Note. Your instructar reoeivee a copy of your quiz results we e-mail to verify the reeuits, but you are still reeponeipie For posting 3 QUIZ the screen shot tn receive credit. 9 QUIZ It you experience technimi dithauity with the quiz, pieaee Call Technical Support. Amy" Technical Support Dari be reached at Lesasaqanaz and is ayaiiabie 24 huurs a day, 7 days a week (excluding holidays). WEEK4 I Objecrrv | Analyze I Descrih l I I Analyze Descrih Material SUP Discuss Discuss' _ B QUIZ ._ fl QUIZ ! Exercis Panici I WEEK 5 ' Objectiv- Analyze Descrih Analyze Descrih I Asses | I l Dune Orntemeripmrecredwrude On (h v aloe-is v Materials There are no additional course materials required for this week, Please refer to your Course Syllabus for ii'iformatiorr about this week's activities. " .lnlerneHPrulecledMod: On f. v amass v ...
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