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checkpoint - even in the way it is set up The setup just...

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Checkpoint: Multiple Intelligences Anna Thomas www.gigglespotz.com www.thomasarmstrrong.com/multiple_intelligences.html http://surfaquarium.com/MI/profiles/intrapersonal.htm My strongest intelligence according to the tests taken in the text is Intrapersonal. According to Multiple Intelligence Eight Ways of being Smart Intrapersonal is the understanding of oneself, recognizing strengths and weaknesses, and setting goals (8 ways of being smart 2000). An intrapersonal person likes to work alone, likes to think about projects and look back on things and assignments, and also likes to act on personal interests. The way an intrapersonal person learns is by doing assignments on their own time, being in a calm, quiet environment to learn and study. The giggle spot site reinforced this idea in many ways. The setup was very much like the text
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Unformatted text preview: even in the way it is set up. The setup just mentions the definition of the intelligences and the way the person learns and the techniques that are used. The Thomas Armstrong website calls intrapersonal self smart. This site didn’t tell me much of anything else. This website was basically the same as the other site and the text was just setup a little different than the other. The Surf Aquarium website really explained the intrapersonal intelligence a little more in depth. The only things that I did not see eye to eye on were the things that I have not done much of like providing activities which offer learner choices and the journal writing in the classroom routine. I suppose I do not do these things because I am not very familiar with them but mostly this site was reinforcing....
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  • Theory of multiple intelligences, Anna Thomas, intrapersonal person learns, Thomas Armstrong, Smart Intrapersonal

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