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Classical Greece The piece of artwork from classical Greece that I have selected is Polykleitus of Argos, Doryphoros (Spear-Bearer). This sculpture is a Roman copy of a Greek original (Benton & DiYanni 2008). The sculpture’s original version was made out of bronze, the sculpture stands at a height of 6’6” (Benton & DiYanni 2008). The artwork reveals a quite comfortably naked young muscular man. The young man stands on one leg; the hips and shoulders are at a slight tilt and make the spine form an S curve. This form of pose became popular in roman sculpture (Benton & DiYanni 2008). The relationship between the art and the culture of the related civilization is Polykleitus the sculptor figured out steps for sculpting the perfect human body (Benton & DiYanni 2008). In these steps all parts of the body are considered using the height of the head Hellenistic Greece
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