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DQ2 CIS 105 week 1 - about it are put out or sent What...

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DQ2 CIS 105 Each component on my computer is important. The monitor helps me to see what is going on, the mouse helps me to click on things that I desire or need from a web page, the keyboard helps me to type important assignments or communicate with others. There are other features such as volume control, a print button and many more features that make a users life a little easier. Hardware is tangible computer parts like the monitor, keyboard, printer, and scanner, anything that you can touch on the computer. Software is any type of computer program which is for whatever the user wants or needs for their system. Data is for the computer so it can process it and make it useful for the user. Components interact within the system by imputing information in, and then the computer processes it and gives you more information. Keyboard or storage devices are put in and other information for it or
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Unformatted text preview: about it are put out or sent. What would benefit me is more user friendly software for vista. It seems that nothing out there for downloading works for this system. I need more compatible software and since vista is new there should be information in a file on the computer of where you can get this information, like websites or helpful information on how to convert certain computer programs like stuff for xp and what not. Another thing that would benefit me would be a number keypad this would just make typing numbers a little more easy. The reason I chose these examples is that for one I cannot find a good compatible program for vista. I chose to have a number keypad just for the fact that it would be convenient....
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