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DQ 1 Week 8 Gen 105 The way I can use the study techniques recommended for my personal type and strongest intelligence to function best in a distance learning environment is to use the techniques that I am strongest in and to learn to better the techniques I am weak in to better self learning. My strongest points are Bodily-Kinesthetic, Musical, and Intrapersonal. Bodily-Kinesthetic is the hands on approach to learning. Musical is enjoying listening, recognizing, and knowing the sounds of the different notes and expressing oneself through music. I found that I am also an organizer/giver. I can use the study techniques that are recommended for me by making my assignments clear to me. Studying in a balanced environment use an organizer and taking clear notes. The techniques I can use to improve less developed personality areas are to organize what I learn,
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Unformatted text preview: get more information on what I learn, use flash cards to remember what I learn, write down my assignments and when they are do. The other ways that I can use is to clearly help others to understand my thoughts and feelings on certain points and subjects. The techniques I can use to improve less developed intelligences are to evaluate my thinking, to be aware of my thoughts before I express them, and Study in a calm place. I also need to start keeping a journal to organize my thoughts and assignments better. Learning about the way I can better understand my assignments and to make better grades for myself. Learning my personality areas will help me to better interact with others in a positive way....
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