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Eisenhowers politics - Superpowers From time to time...

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Eisenhower agreed to increases in social security, unemployment insurance, and minimum wage (McGraw-Hill 2005). Eisenhower supported insurance plans and housing plans for the poor do to the baby boom (McGraw-Hill 2005). Eisenhower even limited government spending to better the economy he was republican so he did that instead of tax cuts (McGraw – Hill 2005). Eisenhower tried to cut deals for farmers too. He tried to cut deals by paying them to cut acreage so farmers wouldn’t over produce certain crops (McGraw – Hill 2005). In Eisenhower’s second term he was overpowered by a democratic senate.
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Unformatted text preview: Superpowers: From time to time Eisenhower threatened with nuclear bombs to prevent communism from spreading to Europe and Asia. Eisenhower wanted to keep Truman’s containment strategy and wanted to cut military spending to keep the economy in check (McGraw- Hill 2005). Although Eisenhower had a lot on his plate with the constant threat of the spread of communism he always had to think of how another war including the U.S. would affect the economy and the people....
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