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Kennedy frontier - Kennedy also wanted to counter ‘the...

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Kennedy’s achievements were modest (McGraw-Hill 2005). He helped depressed industrial and rural areas. Kennedy believed that the government needed to limit power of unions and big businesses and to set prices and wages (McGraw-Hill 2005). In 1961 Kenedy announced the Alliance for Progress, he promised to provide $20 billion in foreign aid to maybe prevent another Castro-style government (McGraw-Hill 2005). Kennedy wanted to accomplish a manned mission to the moon by the end of the decade to catch up with the Russians that had already circled the earth and went into space (McGraw-Hill 2005). Kennedy also wanted to accomplish in giving aid to the Latin Americans to better their government and prevent a communist threat (McGraw-Hill 2005).
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Unformatted text preview: Kennedy also wanted to counter ‘the war of liberation’ and did not succed , he also approved another attack that didn’t go well it was the Bay of Pigs (McGraw-Hill 2005). Kennedy later started men into the Vietnam war to try to stop the communism but it was a war that nobody could win (McGraw-Hill 2005). Kennedy wanted to solve the Cuban and soviet crisis, he accepted an offer to not invade Cuba if the Soviets to remove their missiles and Kennedy also agreed to get American Missiles out of Turkey, in doing so Kennedy may have prevented a Nuclear war (McGraw-Hill 2005)....
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