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Like in the cold war Nixon threatened vietnamese forces with atomic bomb threats trying to make them think that he was a desperate man trying to end the war in any way he could. Nixon launced a series of bombing attacks against North Vietnam’s supply depots (McGraw-Hill 2005). Nixon would not give up he was against communism and it seemed he wanted to try to make Vietnam into an example like Kennedy did to the Soviet Union more like a truce to withdraw atom bombs in Turkey but still an example of the U.S. defeating communism. Nixon wanted to
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Unformatted text preview: do the same. Nixon sent troops into Cambodia to try and get rid of North Vietnamese bases but there were protests now by even more students and congress didn’t even agree anymore. Troops were later pulled from Cambodia two months later (McGraw-Hill 2005). By 1968 Nixon had finally realized that the U.S. could no longer support fighting the Vietnam war. He then focused on other problems like that of the Middle East and South Africa (McGraw-Hill 2005)....
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