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Smart phones Putting a mobile computer into a phone is a thing of the past. This device is called a smart phone. The smart phone has been introduced in 2009 already. The smart phone is a new phone of course can be used to make calls but it also has a calendar, address book (like most phones), plays music, has a type of gps system, and you can look at your email with it. The smart phone does the job of many hand held devices all wrapped up into one. This phone lets you install, configure and run applications of your choice. You can set this phone up in your own way (no limits). According to how smart phones work here is a list of what a smart phone can do: Send and receive phone calls (some Wi-Fi compatible) Data synchronization with applications like Microsoft outlook & apples iCal calendar programs Personal information management (PIM) included Communications with laptops or desktop computers
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Unformatted text preview: • Instant messaging • Applications such as word processing or video games (2009 How Stuff Works Inc.) In the future of this product will have near field communication so the phone can be a wireless credit card. In the future the phones will be smaller, kind of like the razor. Smart phones are possible because of prosumers. Prosumers are people with a lot of money and buy products like these just to try them out. Prosumers pick and chose phones and say what they liked and what they disliked about the phones. These opinions help the developers to design the phone to make it more user friendly. The most recent feature to the smart phone is touch screen. The touch screen will be more advanced by the year 2012. Just think ten to fifteen years ago people weren’t too big into cell phones. The big clunky old school phone is a thing of the past. Now we have a smart phone that combines three things into one....
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