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Unformatted text preview: The Human Experience: Creation of Adam The human experience that the work of Michelangelo, Creation of Adam relates to is the birth of mankind. The reason I think this work relates to the birth of mankind is because God brings a man to life with a touch. God does this with his almighty powers, breathing life into man and giving man a soul and a companion to journey through the life that was given. I think this work Creation of Adam perfectly expresses the eternal power and will of God having the ability and power to create a being with just a touch by his self. God then thinks to give that type of power to a man and a woman in a way, by a man and a woman being able to create life, biologically with a touch. So goes the cycle of life created by god, expressed through this painting. This experience relates to my life in thinking of how and why I was created and what power and knowledge it must of took to create me and others. Creating a human not only in the biological sense but also in the spiritual sense, how do you create a soul? I don’t think that man alone can do that, it has to be also in the spiritual sense, how do you create a soul?...
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