Race and Your Community - Race and Your Running head RACE...

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Race and Your 1 Running head: RACE AND YOUR COMMUNITY Race and Your Community Anna Thomas University of Phoenix
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Race and Your Community Racial tension in Fremont, Ohio is not much of an issue from what I have experienced. People in Fremont vary from farmers to factory workers to doctors and lawyers and even drug dealers. My little town has it all. This town has many Hispanic migrant workers, African Americans and whites that emigrated from Europe and who are native born. There are 17,375 people residing in Fremont as of 2,000, about 8,000 men and 9,000 females (epodunk 2007). The amount of different races are around 14,000 whites, about 1400 African Americans, 32 Native Americans, about 2,000 Hispanic or Latino and about 15,000 that are either mixed or another race (epodunk 2007). Most members of my community do look like me since the majority of the races are white in Fremont. The ways the people look around Fremont are white, light eyes, and medium to light hair unless you are a different race. The second most populated people in Fremont, Ohio are Hispanics and Hispanic whites. The Hispanics are maybe a shade or two darker Then the whites. The Fremont city council mostly consists of a white council with one African American. The president of the council is Duane Simmons who is African American (Fremont 2009). Leaders within my community treat people like me equally; Fremont is not a very racially discriminating town. The only time that I can see people being treated differently is when they repeatedly commit crimes. I have never noticed being treated differently from the people in my community except from African Americans stay in their own clicks and don’t really socialize
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Race and Your Community - Race and Your Running head RACE...

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