Chapter 5 Terms

Chapter 5 Terms - Chapter 5 Communication In Medical...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 5 Communication In Medical Settings 1. Patient Delay the period between an individuals first awareness of a symptom and treatment for that symptom. 2. Appraisal Delay the time it takes a person to decide that a symptom is a sign of illness. 3. Illness Delay the time taken between recognizing that one is ill and deciding to seek medical care. 4. Behavioral Delay the elapsed time between the decision to seek medical care and acting on this decision by making an appointment. 5. Medical Delay the time between someone making an appointment and first receiving medical care. 6. Active-Passive Model situation in which patients are unable to participate in their care or to make decisions because of their medical condition. 7. Guidance-Cooperation Model communication in which the patient seeks advice from the physician and answers the questions that are asked but the physician is responsible for determining the diagnosis and treatment. 8. Mutual-Participation Model health care model in which the physician and patient make joint decisions about...
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Chapter 5 Terms - Chapter 5 Communication In Medical...

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